I’ve previously posted about using Crossover 27QD monitors with my MacBook Pro. At the time of writing, I was having great success with my displays and was happy to share information about how much money was to be saved by using the cheaper korean displays.

If you are still on the fence about buying these displays for yourself: DON’T.

After my initial post, I ran into a variety of problems, some of which I will detail here.

The displays worked fine for the first month or two. I would often have to power cycle them 2-3 times to get them to work, but I was willing to accept that. One day, however, power cycling the monitors stopped working. I had recently applied a software update (I don’t remember off hand which one, but I think it was 10.8.4), and that very well may be the cause, but I don’t have a reliable way to test that.

At first, one of my displays would work normally, and the other would never work properly. I had a Mac Pro in my office, with dual link DVI ports on the back, so I tried to run the display connected to that machine. The display worked perfectly with the Mac Pro, so I assumed I had a faulty adapter. I contacted monoprice about the issue, and they agreed that the adapter seemed faulty and sent me a replacement adapter. The new adapter, however, suffered from the same issue as the first.

I began researching my problem daily, trying to find a solution to the issue. Someone on an apple support forum had suggested trying the official Dual Link DVI adapter instead of the Monoprice version, so I drove to my local Apple store and bought what was to be my 4th dual link dvi adapter. When I got home, much to my chagrin, my display was still non-functional. I returned the apple branded adapter and accepted the fact that I may have wasted a lot of money on the displays.

Fastforward about a week, and I had finally found someone on an apple forum having the same problem. This user brought a new bit of information to the party: Their display worked perfectly in boot camp, but failed when running OS X. I installed bootcamp and quickly verified the same behaviour. This was the final nail in the coffin.

I now had two displays that worked wonderfully on a Mac Pro running OS 10.8.4, as well as on my MacBook Pro running Windows 7, but refused to work on my MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.4. I contacted apple support, to no avail. I contacted the seller on ebay with similar results. I was stuck with 2 very expensive paper weights.

The displays have been sitting in my closet (being continually listed on Kijiji) since late June. In early July, I bought a Apple Thunderbolt Display and it has worked perfectly day in, day out.

The displays may work with some MacBooks, and a software update (even the 10.9 update that was released earlier this week) may fix the issue, but I no longer wish to troubleshoot the displays. I’ll continue to list them on local classifieds until someone finally buys them.

TLDR: Don’t buy Crossover 27QD displays if you have a 13 Inch MacBook Pro. There are some very serious issues with the combination, and it may not work at all.